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The South African Jockey Academy is the only institution in South Africa that offers youth an academic, experiential, and practical learning programme to qualify as a professional jockey. In addition, with our well-resourced and modern training facilities, we are re-introducing our Equestrian Academy which includes jumping, dressage and eventing.

With an experienced, dedicated and motivated staff, this highly internationally acclaimed Jockey (Racing and Equestrian) Academy is situated in Summerveld, a state-of-the-art horse training facility outside of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and boasts a rich history.


Apprentice Jockey

The South African Jockey Academy has produced dozens of supremely talented jockeys who have gone on to win big races on every continent. They’ve become sporting idols in South Africa and champion winners in places as far flung as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Macau, Mauritius, Singapore, and Australia.

A jockey apprenticeship lasts five years, where you will focus on practical riding and horsemanship training.

Equestrian Programme

The Academy offers schooling to Equestrians in a small and caring environment, while allowing them the opportunity to pursue their Show Jumping, Dressage or Eventing passions.

The Equestrian Academy is open to day scholars or boarders, with stabling available.  Although the focus of this school is to facilitate both academic and riding endeavours, recreational riders who would like to attend this picturesque school are encouraged and welcome to enrol in both the schooling and boarding.


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Work Rider Programme

The SA Jockey Academy is perfectly poised to offer world class training, with our established reputation, dedicated staff and facilities. Our Work Rider programmes aim at formalising the training for those in the profession, and by offering the opportunity to improve the standard of work riding skills.

FET Phase

The academic department consists of dedicated and motivated teachers who are passionate about ensuring the academic success of each student while allowing them the opportunity to pursue their riding dreams.


Post Matric

While the focus at the South African Jockey Academy is apprentice jockey training, we also provide a one year Post Matric Equestrian course. This is an intensive theoretical and practical course that prepares students for a career in the Equestrian world ranging from working and managing a stud farm or stable yard to becoming an internationally qualified instructor.

The Equestrian Academy is open to day scholars or boarders, with stabling available.  

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